Head Boy and Head Girl Appointments 2019-20

Ms Beach, Mrs Shaw (Head of Student Leadership), Mrs Lund (Learning Leader Year 11) and Mr McDonnell (Member of the Governing Body) had a fantastic time yesterday interviewing the Year 10 students for the leadership roles.  Ms Beach said ‘It is my favourite day in school when I get to spend the whole day listening to our learners demonstrate their skills and views of the school.  It is always an excellent opportunity for student voice and this year Science and English where particularly popular when learners discussed their academic achievements’. All of the students had to deliver a presentation and then answer formal interview questions to the panel.  Mr McDonnell attended to represent the governing body and was overwhelmed by the experience and the positivity and passion of our students ‘It was amazing to see the quality of the learner’s preparation.  It was fantastic to hear about their accomplishments in school such as the students that had been given the opportunity of taking part in the brilliance programme with Leeds University. It was also amazing to hear how they support their local communities outside of school.’

HBHG FB 2019.jpg​​​​​​​

The appointed are as follows:

Head Boy:  Ryan 

Head Girl: Nicole 


Deputy Head Boys: Reece and Nick 

Deputy Head Girls: Beth and Lia 

All other learners that applied and took part have been given roles leading the different sub teams including, Charity, Challenge, Inclusion, Mental Health, Anti-bullying and Media.


There was positive feedback from the learners about why they are proud to be part of Rayner Stephens High School:

‘Everything.  It is a great school with so many positives.’

‘I like every single teacher I get along with all of them.  The school has good systems.  I learn something in every lesson and have fun at the same time.’

‘I wasn’t intending to come to this school, none of my friends did but when I came on open evening I knew the staff were great and so I chose to come.’

‘The school has changed some much in a positive way.  I love the change and want to help it improve further’

‘The school has helped and supported us through everything.’

‘We have been given so many extracurricular opportunities this year.’

‘The lessons are great and I love it when we get the opportunity to teach each other.’

‘The teachers have been fantastic since I have joined the school.  They have helped me regain my confidence and helped me catch up.’

‘The school has changed and improved so much.’

‘I really like school.  I get bored in the holidays.  I love to interact with everyone.’

‘Everyone in school is just one big family.’


Ms Beach concluded by saying a massive thank you to all the learners and staff for their continued contribution in creating the school that the learners describe and belong to.