Rayner Stephens – Healthy Hearts

14th February 2019

Year 8 learners at Rayner Stephens High School welcomed Valentine’s Day this year with a Healthy Hearts circuit training session.

Recently a year 8 learner was diagnosed with Long QT syndrome, a heart condition that affects 1 in 2000 people. Along with the team from Astley Sports Village RSHS decided to recognise this and raise the profile of The British Heart Foundation. Discussions around heart health and physical activity took place before the full year group of 126 learners took part in a circuit session.

The circuit session was designed to challenge the learners (and staff) to raise their heart rate through some tough and physically demanding exercises. This was all don’t to music and the added benefit of witnessing two teachers – Mr Cleverley & Mr Jones battle it out to determine who was the fittest.

Astley Sports Village staff ran the session and ensured our learners were working hard pushing themselves on every station and raising their heart rate through exercise. At the end of the session learners discussed heart rate and the physical signs of exercising hard.

A huge well done to everyone involved!

Healthy Hearts.png