Term Dates

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Year 7 - Key Dates

Year 7 Aspire Afternoon Thursday 19th September
Year 7 Community Tea Party Wednesday 11th December
Year 7 Showcase 1 Wednesday 18th December
Year 7 Exam Week Monday 30th March
Year 7 Showcase 2 Wednesday 1st April
Year 7 Parents Evening Thursday 21st May
Year 7 Showcase 3 Wednesday 15th July


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Year 8 - Key Dates

Year 8 Exam Week Monday 27th April
Year 8 Parents Evening Wednesday 6th November


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Year 9 - Key Dates

Year 9 Exam Week Monday 20th January
Year 9 Aspiration Day Friday 8th February
Year 9 Parents Evening Thursday 12th March
Year 9 Options Deadline Friday 13th March


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Year 10 - Key Dates

Parents Evening Thursday 26th March 2020
Year 10 Mock Examinations Monday 8th June to Friday 26th June 2020


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Year 11 - Key Dates

Year 11 Information Evening Thursday 19th September
Year 11 Parents Evening Thursday 7th November
Year 11 Mock Examination Weeks Week beginning Monday 7th December
& Monday 3rd February


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