The Art, Design & Technology Department


Head of Department = Miss J Cahill




The core purpose of the department is to expose pupils to quality learning in a technical and creative environment, where ideas are both formed and realised. Via a calm, purposeful atmosphere staff deliver a range of subjects using a mix of traditional teaching and independent project work. Learners feel confident to learn in lessons and are given the time to develop their skills. Practical learning features heavily in projects, complemented by appropriate knowledge based lessons.

The department is located in the West of the school in its own dedicated area. There is a large main workshop in which Design & Technology is taught and an ICT suite where CAD skills are developed. Digital technology features heavily in our teaching with laser cutting and 3D printing being incorporated into projects and an area readily being developed.

There are two Art classrooms, one of which has a dual role as a Textiles teaching space. Additionally, we have a Food Technology room set-up with a number of kitchens to allow Learners to participate in practical work.


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At GCSE the department currently offers Design & Technology, Art and Food Preparation & Nutrition.

Y7-8 is spent learning across all areas of the department, with Learners exposed to a range of material areas in order to develop a broad understanding of the subjects taught. Projects are short and punchy in nature, giving all Learners an opportunity to excel.

Learners may opt to follow one of our GCSE routes in Y9 and then remain with subject until final examination in Y11. This model allows Learners the opportunity to progressively develop skills whilst benefitting from the stability of working with the same teacher.


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Learners on GCSE courses are assessed against the criteria produced by each exam board. This can take the format of formal examinations or project grading. Specialist teachers will make Learners aware of their specific assessment schedule during the start of the course. A copy of this can be found in the Learners’ book or folder. All courses are marked on the new GCSE system, using grades 1 to 9.

Learners in year 7 & 8 are assessed against the same GCSE grading system, but will typically be operating in the lower end of this as their knowledge develops. As the grading system is unified, all Learners have the opportunity to push themselves and attempt challenging work above their target grade.


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Home Learning


Homework is set from the pre-published menu’s in years 7 & 8, where Learners have some freedom to attempt the tasks that they feel will challenge them. Subject teachers will highlight compulsory elements of this. At GCSE teachers will set relevant and specific homework that is either tailored to project work, or aimed at exam preparation.


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Afterschool Sessions


The D&T club operates on two nights per week for all Learners, allowing wider access to the facilities for Learners looking to improve their projects. Learners on GCSE courses are expected to attend a variety of sessions run by teachers. Staff will make it clear to Learners when they are expected to attend these sessions and give advance notice of this.




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