The Mathematics Department


Strategic Director of Maths = Miss J Nugent 

Head of Department = Mrs S O'Neill




The mathematics department consists of six committed and enthusiastic teachers. We are a well-resourced department with access to physical and online stimulus to promote mathematical thinking in each of our learners. All teachers in the department have a shared vision which will allow all pupils to achieve their mathematical potential and engage in the study of mathematics.


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Learners in all year groups are working towards the 1-9 GCSE with the Edexcel exam board. A spiral curriculum is in place, where learners study the same units each year (refer to the curriculum guides for additional information) but in increasing levels of detail and difficulty. Most of our Key Stage 3 learners are taught in mixed ability classes with a scheme of learning to allow all learners to make excellent progress. Learners are banded based on their predictive tier of entry in Year 9 to ensure they are following the scheme best suited to their ability and potential.


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These learners will be assessed on the number grade 1-9 system, against their individual targets. Learners will be assessed using topic examination questions, topic tests and GCSE exam papers. Students are assessed based on skills and application during lessons and given specific feedback regularly to allow them to excel independently.


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Home Learning


For Year 7 & 8 learners, weekly written skills based homeworks are set via class teachers. Learners also have access to homework grids which for Maths shows aspirational tasks which are rewarded if completed to a good standard. Year 9 & 10 learners will be set a weekly task on MathsWatch via their individual login details. Computer access is available in Maths homework club held each Monday evening. Year 11 will be set a minimum of two written pieces of homework a week that is orientated around examination questions.

Alongside homework, there are further opportunities for revision and consolidation at home using MathsWatch. MathsWatch is an online platform where learners can view video tutorials, complete interactive questions, and download worksheets for further practice. Each learner has an individual login to help track usage and progress.


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Afterschool Sessions


A Maths Homework club is run every Monday for all learners, they can use this to complete homework activities or further consolidate their learning. Year 11 Revision sessions are held on Thursday evenings until 4pm, and attendance is expected by all year 11 students..


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Enrichment Opportunities


The department enters pupils into the UK Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Challenge at all age groups. Our most able mathematicians are entered for the Challenge at the Junior (Years 7-8) and Intermediate (Years 9-11) levels. In 2018 we had numerous learners receive awards and learners made it through to the next stage in both the Intermediate and Junior challenges. We regular participate in other Maths competitions and enrichment opportunities within Tameside, Greater Manchester and the wider region.

As part of our commitment to Year 7 pledges we also run regular Math Film nights to encourage, particularly or Year 7 learners to complete their pledges.


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