Physical Education (PE)


The Physical Education Department


Head of Department = Mr A Fuller




The PE department consists of six specialist teachers with a wide skill set and varying expertise.  The department boasts an all-weather full size astroturf; a specialist dance studio; a 4 badminton court sports hall and a market leading fitness suite.  In addition to this is a 3G rubber crumb football pitch which is in the process of being built and will be ready for lessons in January 2018.


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Students in all year groups are working towards GCSE exams with the OCR exam board. Students in Year 7 and 8 will receive 2 practical lessons per week underpinned by the GCSE PE Syllabus.  Those opting for an academic sports pathway in Year 8 will have the option of studying GCSE PE or BTEC Sport in Year 9 and beyond.  All students in Years 7-11, except those opting for BTEC Sport will be assessed on the number grade 1-9 system.  This will be based on 40% practical ability and 60% theory through assessments and examinations. 


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All students will be graded in three practical sports.  One of these will be an individual sport and one will be a team sport.  The third practical sport will be either a team sport or an individual sport.  The practical element will equate to 40% of the overall assessment.  In years 7-10 60% of the course will be made up of a variety of assessments and practice examinations.  The final exams in Year 11 will consist of 2 one-hour exam papers.


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Afterschool Sessions


The PE department run a full and varied extra-curricular sports programme both bore and after school which changes on a half termly basis.  GCSE students have isolated trampolining, badminton and table tennis sessions on top of the extra-curricular programme.  All extra-curricular activities are advertised on the extra-curricular sports board just outside the PE office.


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Enrichment Opportunities


We have a team of selected sports mentors in Year 10 and 11 who are selected based on their commitment to PE and sport.  These sports mentors assist in the running of school competitions and practices as well as Tameside wide competitions.  We are also in the process of organising our third annual Football and Netball tour to Barcelona this Easter.


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