Head's Ambassadors

17 October 2022

Mr Davies and Miss Heap interviewed a number of KS4 students for a variety of different Ambassador role; after these interviews and a number of discussions we appointed three of our amazing students into the leadership roles of Head's Ambassadors. These new roles are designed to take the place of the former Head Boy and Head Girl roles as we have revamped our leadership roles with the aim and aspiration of being more inclusive. Faye McCormick, Immanuella Amore and Amy Blood were all selected after outstanding interviews and applications. 


Amy Blood 

As Head’s Ambassador my goal is to demonstrate a strong leadership role by being open minded, working alongside my peers and ensuring that each students opinion is respected, heard and considered. It is crucial for students to have a voice in school because it allows them to express their own thoughts. Here at Rayner Stephens, I will strive to make sure every student is learning in a positive environment by being a role model, I don’t want school to be a place that students feel like they have to go to, I want it to be a place they want to go. I will achieve such by having an optimistic influence on my peers and assuring them that any issues they may have will be resolved by working alongside the other members of the student leadership team and staff. I plan to uphold the school values of Respect, Resilience and Aspiration as I believe these are all incredibly important for all members of the Rayner Stephens community and will help students develop both personally and academically. 

Immanuella Amore  

As Head's Ambassador I aim to lead other students. I knew being the Head’s Ambassador automatically came with a responsibility that I would carry out to the best of my ability.  I vividly remember my first time in school, when I saw the Head’s Ambassador board and ever since then I have aspired to be one of the ambassadors. As a leader I look forward to addressing the welfare of my fellow students, as well as helping to support a smooth and safe learning environment for everyone. As the Head’s Ambassador I will uphold the school values of Aspiration, Resilience and Respect. I am well aware that the role requires humility, finesse and a strong character, and I aim to try my best to embody these values during my time. I would like to make all the students aware that their voice is being heard and everyone’s opinion is what keeps the school going and helps improve  Rayner Stephens for everyone. I want to make sure I give a listening ear to the desires and ideas of fellow students and be a good role model of Rayner Stephens High School.  

Faye McCormick 

As Head’s Ambassador I believe that I can be a good representative for our school and a role model for other students. I will help and support other students using the school values of Respect, Resilience and Aspiration. I believe that in my time of being a Head’s Ambassador I will show patience, advanced leadership skills and respect. I want to give each student a voice as it is crucial to allow students to express how they feel about the school and having their own opinions. I will work with both students and staff to help create a positive and respectful environment for our school. 

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Stamford Park TrustIQMTeacher Development Award